Hymns From The Nether

by Aberrance

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released March 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Aberrance Chico, California

Paradise, California kids getting down with the Underground Heaviness.

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Track Name: Teeth of the Mangler (Feat. Ian McAlister)
Thirty years of living in sin
Thirty corpses in the earth
This life I've lived of the purest freedom
Taking pleasures from the dead
My work is finished, My lust is satisfied
I can lay myself to rest
Unholy father accept this offering
For to you I give my life

Take my life, Take my life
I have done so many terrible things I don't
Deserve to Live

Take this knife and plunge it into my chest for lucifer
Track Name: Strung By Their Tongues
Prophets Line the Streets
Hung for Their Faith

Strung By Their Tongues

See, Witness their Faces, Heretic Mongrel scum,
This Is Deserved.

See, Witness their Anguish Where is Their Cross Nailed God?
Spoken heresy filth


Hang them High
For all to see
With their own eyes.
Track Name: Intestinal Immolation
Flesh Burns, flames reflect off of the altar
Screams fill the air and
Shuddering priests all clutch their tomes upon their knees
Spirits of evil manifest befor their fearful eyes
Let the of will of all of hell be seen through

See it now
The father, The Bastard, the one who dwells below
The wings your god hath clipped were merely six
Seeds sewn upon the earth

Plague humanity
Wipe us from the earth
Ruina est homonis
Wipe us from the face of the realm

The Night glows by flicker of fire
I watched humankind turning on itself
To be wiped from existence
Forever damned to roam
The mortal realm will perish
And all living flesh will burn
For the benefit of the cosmos

Doom is Nigh.
Track Name: Goiters
A growing agony spiders through my head
Slowly permeating each of the lobes
Immense pressure bulges forth my eyes
Vomit spills forth from within

I can't take it
Kill me
I can't take it
Kill me now

As if a knife was forced inside
My temple
Twisting within
Such torment
More bile spills forth
I can't stop

Beneath the weight of my skull
The pressure builds on
I can feel it cracking
End me

Fluid seeps through the spiderweb of fractures
As my skin seems to redden and bulge
I can't take it, this is my end
My eyes stare to weep tears of blood

Fucking end it
Kill me
I can't take it

Floorboards covered
The bile and blood begin to
Soak in the wood
It creaks and bends saturated from the fluid
Vision and hearing descend into the void

Fractures widen cerebrospinal fluid seeps through them
Facial skins stretch
Eyes fill with blood only to burst and dangle empty
Collapsed and lifeless
Track Name: Bridge of Burning Bodies
A Bloody Passage
Where Does it Go?
A Burning Path that Leads to Nothing
Their Bodies Sewn
The Passage Pulsates from their Breathing Chests

Neither Live or Dead

I Look up Towards the Stars, Dark Skies
Under Which I'll Lie

Eternally Walking Through The Waste
Bodies Piled High as They Convulse and Burn
My Feet Soaked from Blood in the Earth
Countless Deafening Screams Cursed to Never Pass

Cursed to Never Die, This is My Soul's Rest
Track Name: Drinking From a River of Dementia
Crossing the bloody passage to the land of the damned
I come across a pool of luminescent light
My immense thirst beckons me to take a drink
As my conscience slips away

I awaken to the cries of torment and the clash of the chains
Skinless bodies line the earth
This is Hades, this is my fate
Skin peels while the blood pours

There is no escape, this is an eternal voyage
Where's your faith, where's your god?

Your mind is torn asunder
There is no escape from the flames and the nether
Cursed by the god you honored
This is the price for your sins
The river pulls you under
There's no escape from the
Flames and the nether
Your blood raises the tide
In the pain you'll drown

Here I’ll stay bathing in the fire
Here I'll live ever worse than death.
Track Name: Spire of Suicide
Leap from the spire
Cold ground will cleanse your Sins
Present yourself and take a step
Take a step
Leap from the spire
Forgiveness is his wings
present yourself as a sacrifice, sacrifice

A life not worth living
Sent down to his majesty below
The spire stands
Towering over the sheep

Masses to Ashes
Cleansed in the flame
Fallen one

May thine eternal hunger for lost souls never cease
And may the kingdom never die
The way of our flesh, shall always burn evermore for
Beacons of your might

Leap from the spire, cold stone will cleanse your sins
Leap from the spire (from the spire)
Track Name: Wasp Infested Bear Carcass
A stiff rotting giant Carcass
Slowly succumbing to the swarm
Intestinal breeding ground
Parasitic larvae starting to feast.

The body coagulating
intestines turned into muck
once proud now this mammal stands
as this insect's hive

Continued feasts
The rotting smell just grows worse
The Flesh decays
The body's hallowed

The flesh is gone
The wasps have found a new hive
Within the bones
That had been hallowed
Track Name: Ocean Burial
Endless affliction
Wreaked for your false god
Justified hatred
and now you find the same fate

"Iniquitatem Aeternum"
"Ceteris in Mari"
Reap what you sew upon them

"Valet Dei Mei"
Lifeless vessel laid
Upon this crude raft
Sent to the waves' grave
Your soul shall wander aimless

Gentile, Infidel
"Non solatium invenias Dei"
All of your faith, for naught
This is what it's hate conjures
"Angel de Antichrist"
Confuse their footsteps

"Aetenna Errare"
May the tide consume you
Fallen one consume you to the void

Spirit of malice
Spirit of all discord
Spirit of broken wings
Accept this life

"Valet Dei Mei"
Sent to the waves grave

Buried Beneath the waves
For your crimes against
Take your faith with you
And your false god in death, death
The departure of your wretched soul
And more wretched faith
May the depths obscure your radical fanaticism
Never rest under the weight of the Abyss